Will Mistral AI replace OpenAI?

Mistral AI just raised $415M to compete with OpenAI.

In my opinion, if they want to succeed, they need to hire the best talents out there.

But how exactly can they achieve this?

Well, because they are based in Paris, I just thought that I would give them a hand and show them the entire process I would personally do if I was one of their co-founders in order to hire top talents.

How to hire top talents for your business?

Here’s the process 👇

I essentially went directly on the profile of both co-founders Arthur and Guillaume, and I looked at which schools they went to.

Whenever you want to reach out to potential or future talents, you want to get to a connection point, and being an Alumni always helps.

Then the next step is to start thinking about the email campaign.

So for the campaign, I created a sequence in lemlist directly.

The first step is visit on the LinkedIn profile of each person that I want to hire.

By automating the LinkedIn profile visit, you're going to initiate a notification on their profile and start triggering their interest.

The second step is a very simple email.

The subject line is the name of the school they went to, plus their company name.

The goal is to trigger curiosity.

As you can see, the message is very short.

Here’s why it works: it’s focused on the talent, not on the person who sends the message. Plus, it demonstrates a bit of social proof because everyone knows about Mistral AI since they raised a lot of money recently.

And finally, the ask is pretty simple: a 15-minute chat.

So it's not that much of a commitment for the prospect.

Then comes step 3, you’re gonna wait for 2 days before sending a LinkedIn invite.

Next, if the person has accepted the LinkedIn invite, you move to the next step: a follow-up directly on LinkedIn.

Basically, the message is about whether or not your prospect received your previous email.

Here, your goal is to trigger curiosity and start a conversation.

If they didn’t accept your LinkedIn invite, you simply follow up with this email.

And finally, for the last step, you have a call task.

Basically, here, you either call them or send them a WhatsApp message.

That’s overall the whole email campaign I would do.

And now you're probably wondering, that's a great sequence - but how exactly do I find top talents?

How to find top talents to recruit?

As we mentioned, Mistral AI wants to compete with OpenAI.

But the truth is, they also want to compete with BARD, Meta and everything that they're doing.

So to find the best talents to recruit, I’d find people who went to the same school as you in those companies.

Let me explain: if we take Meta, you just have to check out their LinkedIn company page.

Then, you check out their list of employees.

And from the employee list, what you filter to find people who went to the same school and who work in AI. 👇

If I take Mistral AI example, I’ll search for people who did Polytechnique - and as you can see, you actually have 80 people who did this school.

And they all work in AI.

So here they have potentially 80 employees that they could steal from Meta.

Now, the last step is to add those people to your lemlist campaign.

To do so, you need to open the lemlist chrome extension.

It's going to automatically load all the LinkedIn results.

And you just have to select your campaign and click on import to add them directly to your lemlist campaign.

Therefore, you’ll be able to contact all of these people.

And then what you want to do is do more or less the same with other companies (OpenAI, Google, etc.)

Getting back to our example, as you can see, Mistral AI has a pool of talent of potential 100s of people that they can reach out to in order to become a global leader.

I hope it was helpful!

And I hope they will use it to basically become a leader in generative AI, because in my opinion, we should have an open-source model worldwide.

You can access the lemlist campaign for free by clicking on this link.

That way, you can duplicate it and use it directly!

Peace, love, and profit! 💰