Why ChatGPT outperforms LinkedIn in lead qualification

You're on LinkedIn, scrolling through a sea of potential leads. But there's a problem: the precision of LinkedIn's filters is like trying to catch a fly with chopsticks, nearly impossible and incredibly frustrating.

You're wasting time, energy, and resources on leads that don't fit your criteria.

I’ve been there - and it sucks…

That’s why in this article, you’ll learn how ChatGPT can become your ticket to a world of precise, efficient, and effective lead qualification.

Step #1: Install the WebPilot plugin

To connect ChatGPT to the internet, we'll use the WebPilot plugin. It's sharper than Bing or web search, so make sure to install it.

Switch it on with GPT-4 before the next step!

Step #2: The perfect prompt

The aim of the prompt is simple: Help ChatGPT figure out if a company fits your criteria or not.

All you need is a list of potential companies you want to target and outline of who you’re targeting.As always, we have a ready-to-use prompt for you! you just need to fill in the blanks and let ChatGPT do the rest 👇


Let’s test it out with lemlist:

And here are the results 👇

Now, I have a table that lets me know whether or not a specific account is a fit or not.

And as you’ve probably noticed, LinkedIn doesn't offer these specific filters…

Step #3: The follow-up prompt

Now, for the exciting bit!

Based on the results, you can now have chatGPT do the work for you.

And come up with more accounts to target.

Simply copy and paste the following prompt 👇


Let’s continue with the lemlist example and see the results:

Not only did ChatGPT meet the criteria I initially set, but it also suggested additional criteria to pinpoint the perfect match!

You can always take it a step further! Follow up by asking for more accounts or even different kinds of accounts if you're aiming at a different target!

Key Takeaways

To sum up, ChatGPT can help you do lead qualification efficiently and precisely. Use it well, save time, and open the door to a world of better leads.

Remember to:

✅ Link ChatGPT with WebPilot for better online searches.

✅ Show ChatGPT your ideal lead to find the right companies.

✅ Use tailored prompts with ChatGPT to sort good leads from bad.

✅ Let ChatGPT grow your lead list without you lifting a finger.

✅ Ask ChatGPT for different leads to explore new areas easily.

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Peace, Love & AI ✌️




In a table, return:

- The company name

- website URL



- Account Fit (true or false)


Based on the companies that are an account fit - come up with 10 more accounts that would also be a fit.

Return a table only with:

- Company name

- Website URL