Unlock your growth: using ChatGPT to shape customer personas

Feeling lost about who your customers really are?

We’ve all been there…

And let’s face it, launching campaigns without a clear idea of who your customers are is a recipe for disaster.

But what if there was a way to make sense of your existing customer data?

Imagine a future where you understand your customers as well as you understand yourself.

In this article, you’ll get a step-by-step on how to convert your existing customer data into detailed personas so that chatGPT can turbocharge your growth.

Step #1: Download the WebPilot plugin

For this task, you'll need an internet connection to use ChatGPT. You'll want to get the WebPilot plugin. Why? Because it's more accurate than Bing or general web search.

You can easily find and install it from the plugin store on ChatGPT.

Once you've downloaded it, the next step is to simply activate it with GPT-4 and you're all set.

Step #2: Craft the ideal prompt

Each time you use ChatGPT, you need a prompt that's clear and specific.

This time the goal of the prompt is to be able to have chatGPT understand who are your customers.

To make that happen, we've put together an ideal prompt for you. All you need is a list of potential companies you're aiming for and an outline of your target audience.

Copy this prompt and watch as ChatGPT works its charm 👇

(Just remember to fill in the gaps with the companies you want to study 😉)


Let’s test it out with lemlist

And here are the results 👇

Now, I have a table that lets me understand what each company does, with very specific information.

Step #3: The follow-up prompt

Let's go a bit deeper and have ChatGPT describe the persona that fits these three companies. We'll also ask for a user story to help you better understand your current customers.

Simply copy and paste the prompt below 👇


Here’s an example with lemlist:

And here’s the result:

Not only you created a persona automatically from existing customers - you now have a real user story to understand better your existing customers.

You can share the story with your team and make sure to increase the conversion rate in your future campaigns.

Key takeaways

Now, you know precisely how ChatGPT can transform your customer data into detailed personas, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers.

Don't forget:

✅ Use the WebPilot plugin for seamless internet access in ChatGPT.

✅ Use our ChatGPT prompt to understand your customers better and increase conversion rates.

✅ Use chatGPT to analyze specific companies and understand their operations.

✅ Use your new customer personas and user stories to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Peace, Love & AI ✌️

Here's a sample list of customers:

Here's what you should do:


Understand what each company does and in a table, return:
- Company Industry
- Company size
- Company growth
- B2B or B2C
- Public or Private
- As many attributes as necessary to build relevant personas

You must return only a table


You will now act as a positioning and marketing expert.

Based on the information above describe the persona that matches these 3 companies with as many details as possible.

You will also create a user story on how they could use {YOUR-COMPANY} to {OUTCOME}.