The greatest B2B business course of all time

In the last 6 years, I built 6 businesses doing more than $47M in total revenue.

In parallel, l also sold one business after growing it to $600k in ARR in 18 months.

Acquired several businesses for multi-million-dollar deals.

And in 2021, I also cashed out $30M personally.

And now, I’m growing a business valued at more than $150M that’s doing more than $20M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

All of that while being entirely bootstrapped and profitable.

All of that because I took the leap of faith to invest the only $1000 I had left in my bank account in 2018.

All of that while documenting everything I did in public from day 1.

Sweat, blood, trial and error, rejections, emotional roller coaster, and tons of failures along the way…

The greatest B2B business course of all time

So now, it’s my time to give back.


First, because I love to help people out.

In the last 6 years I’ve helped thousands of founders all over the world to launch and grow their companies, and there’s no better feeling than to be helpful.

But secondly, because I’m sick of all the gurus out there who are selling you courses on how to build a successful business when they’ve never been able to do that themselves.

They’ve been selling you a dream that you’ll never reach.

Because the only way they found to make money is to sell you a course on “how to make money,”…

That’s what I call, a pyramid scheme.

So in this course, I want to share with you, all the secrets and lessons I learned in the last 6 years.

No bullshit and useless “Business plan” - only practical stuff you’ll be able to use straight away.

You’ll be able to steal all my frameworks and templates, as each course will have a dedicated Notion space. 👇

Why am I doing it for free?

And before I dive deep into what I’ll share with you and how I’ll do it, you’re probably wondering what’s the catch here and why am I doing this for free?

First, it’s not gonna be entirely free.

You see, all the software we built or acquired in the last 6 years always came from a need I had to grow my business.

So in this course, there will be times where I’ll be sharing how I’m personally using the different tools we built to get more customers and grow faster.

And because I’m convinced of the value I’ll deliver, my assumption is that some of you will become paying customers down the line or will become advocates of our solutions.

And if you don’t and prefer using a competitor for some reason, well, at least you’ll remember me as the person who’s helped you build, grow, and scale your business faster.

So either way, it’s a win for me.

Now let’s get back to business!

What's in it for you in the course?

This course will be divided into 17 sections 👇

#1 Will be about how to find a million-dollar idea and why ideas actually matter A LOT.

#2 Will be about starting in a niche - how to find it so you can make money as fast as possible.

#3 Will be about interviewing potential customers so you will create something people truly want.

#4 Will be about finding a co-founder, OR NOT.

#5 will be about building an MVP or Minimal Viable Product.

#6 Will be about finding the right price to close more deals.

#7 will be about creating an offer so people will beg you to accept their money.

#8 will be about choosing the right funnel to close deals on autopilot.

#9 to #17…. well, you’ll have to subscribe to the channel to know what topics I will discuss to help you build and grow a multi-million dollar business.

Without any BS and giving you practical templates that you can steal.

See you on the other side!

Peace, love, and profit 💰