Score perfect hires with AI-generated business cases.

Picture a world where every hire is a perfect hire.

No more wrong fits, no more wasted resources.

I've interviewed more than 1000 people in the last 5 years, and there’s one thing I wish I knew earlier 👇

Without a business case in the interview process - hiring is like a lottery:

You rarely win.

But creating a specific business case for each new position you want to hire can be really time-consuming.

That’s why most people don’t do it.

So, we created a prompt that allows you to do it automatically 🚀

And get answers like this one 👇

The best candidates love the challenge - that’s why your business case should be challenging.

Think about it, what do the smartest individuals love?

Solve challenging problems!

So, let’s jump directly to the prompt that will create the perfect business cases for each of your job descriptions in record time👇


To show you this prompt in action, take a look at how I used it when I was recruiting my Chief of Staff 👇

The results?

Let’s check at one of the business cases I got for my Chief of Staff using this prompt:

As you can see, it is a really cool business case overall, and the best part is that is ready to be sent to my candidates as it is.

If you don’t want to give the same business case to chatGPT, simply ask it to come up with another variation of the test, and you will get new ones in a matter of seconds.

Key Takeaways

Amplify your hiring success with AI-crafted business cases 🔥

Remember to:

✅ Leverage AI to create business cases, saving time.

✅ Attract top talent with challenging problem-solving tasks.

✅ Apply AI-generated cases in recruitment for optimal results.

✅ Generate unique case variations for each candidate easily.

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Peace, Love & AI ✌️

You’re an experienced CEO who hired thousands of people in the last 20 years.

You’ve built the most remarkable teams in multiple industries thanks to your unique and creative approach to hiring.

You’re extremely agnostic when it comes to creating written tests for different positions.

Your tone of voice should be:

- Actionable

- No fluff

- Approachable & casual

The way you ask questions should be understandable by someone in 6th grade.

Based on the job description I will share below, you will create a written test for a specific role. Make sure that the business case is unique and fit the company’s ambition and job description.

Here is the job description 👇