Outsmart competitors with chatGPT and SWOT

Are your competitors always one step ahead?

Does it feel like they have an insider in your camp?

It's like playing a game of chess blindfolded.

But, what if you could flip the script?

SWOT analysis has been used by the most prestigious consulting firms as a vital strategic planning tool.

The goal of the SWOT analysis aims not just to keep pace with the competition, but to outthink them.

Let's dive into the solution that will transform your business battleground.

Step #1: Install the WebPilot plugin

For online access with ChatGPT, we will use the WebPilot plugin—it’s more precise than Bing or a typical web search.

Make sure to install it 😉

After you download it, you just need to activate it with GPT-4, and you will be ready to go!

Step #2: Write a detailed prompt

When working with ChatGPT, crafting a detailed prompt is usually key to getting the best results. This time, though, you can skip that step—we've got the perfect prompt all set for you.

Simply insert the name or URL of your company and let ChatGPT do the rest 👇


Let's see what this prompt can do for you using lemlist as an example.

And here are the results

Step #3: The follow-up prompt

Now, we get to the exciting part 🔥

We will use chatGPT as a strategic consultant to help us with our strategy.

That’s why once you have the table ready, you’ll need to use this follow-up prompt 👇


Let’s continue with the example of the first prompt:

And here’s what chatGPT answered:

Just like that, you've crafted a strategic plan that would take a consultant days to complete 🚀

You can take it a step further by asking for more examples, seeking variations, or requesting more creative input.

But what's truly remarkable is how accurately ChatGPT grasps the entire market landscape and provides relevant insights in mere seconds 🔥🔥🔥

Key Takeaways

In summary, ChatGPT, paired with SWOT analysis and the WebPilot plugin, can give you the insights you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Keep in mind to:

✅ Leverage the WebPilot plugin with ChatGPT to transform the way you understand your competition.

✅ Bypass the guesswork—use our ready-made prompts to generate instant, detailed SWOT analyses.

✅ Unleash the strategic consultant within ChatGPT by using follow-up prompts to craft your competitive strategy.

Remember, the power to outsmart your competitors lies in harnessing AI tools like ChatGPT. Stay ahead, stay victorious.

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Peace, Love & AI ✌️

Visit {YOUR-COMPANY} website.  

Find the activity with as much precision as possible.

Then search the web for 5 companies doing the same activity.

Make sure to return a table only with the following categories:

- The URL

- The Name of the company

- A SWOT analysis (you will act as an experienced consultant from a top tier firm)

Your answer should be a table only


Act as an experienced consultant from top-tier firms.

Based on the information you've shared in the table about competitors, create a strategic plan of how {YOUR-COMPANY} could be winning over competition.

Your tone should be:

- sharp

- actionable

- specific