No more missed mentions - How ChatGPT can revitalize your Twitter replies

Juggling Twitter mentions can be exhausting, right?

And if left unchecked, they could harm your brand's reputation.

We have a solution that's sure to impress:  automation + ChatGPT 🔥🔥

They're not just buzzwords; this is exactly how we do it at lempire.

In this article, you will discover the world of automated responses and how you can get on board.

Revolutionize your Twitter strategy following these simple steps:

Step #1: Set up Zapier + Twitter

The first thing you need to do is to connect to your Zapier account

After that, click on “Create” and then on  “New Zap”

Once you have done that, select Twitter as a trigger and choose “Search Mention

Then connect your Twitter account.

After that, write the mention you want to check in the section “Search Term”

Just like we did here with “lemlist 👇

Then let’s test and click “Continue”.

Step #2: Set up OpenAI + Zapier.

Now, let’s add a step to your zap.

Choose “OpenAl (GPT-3, DALL•E, Whisper)” and then on the event choose “Send prompt”

After that, connect your API to OpenAI.

Step #3: Write the perfect prompt

Write a prompt with the details of how you want to answer people mentioning you.

Keep in mind that answering on social media is crucial for your brand and image, so make sure to follow your brand guidelines.

You can copy our prompt and just edit it accordingly to your company 👇


Here’s how we did it for lemlist:

Step #4: Notion template

Because your social media is key in the relationships you have with your customers, I’d recommend you’d start verifying the tweets before you publish them.

Don't hesitate to tweak the prompt if needed to make sure you if fits your needs.

To facilitate this for you, you can use this template to gather and revise all of the proposed tweets.

Or if you prefer, you can create a database with the properties: Tweet (type text), URL (type url), User (type text), Answer (type text), Published (checkbox)

Step #5: Set up Notion + Zapier

Once you have your template ready, you need to add a step to your Zap “Create Database Item" in Notion.

If you are using our Notion template or your own page, you have to connect your Notion account to Zapier 👇

Then fill in each column with the relevant information, just like this:

After that, just click continue and test.

Once you have finished with that, you’re done 🎉 You can activate your Zap.

Step #6: Revise the answers

Once your automation is up and running, and you start getting mentions, the proposed responses will land in your Notion database.

You have the option to either approve the suggested responses or tweak them. Once you have the final version of your tweet, all you need to do is copy and paste it in the thread it responds to.

After you've posted the tweet, return to your Notion table and tick the box labeled "Published".

This will automatically move the line from your main table "Answer to publish" to "Past answers published".

If you need to find tweets already published, you can go to the tab “Past answers published”.

Step #7: Fully automate the process

After revising the answers and you are sure that your prompt corresponds to your needs, it’s time to make the process 100% automated 🎉

Key Takeaways

Now you are ready to streamline your Twitter mentions with the powerful combo of ChatGPT and automation!

✅ Link Zapier and Twitter to track mentions.

✅ Connect OpenAI to Zapier for smart replies.

✅ Write a brand-aligned prompt for responses.

✅ Use Notion for quality control of tweets.

✅ Start the automated process and review responses.

✅ Mark published responses for organization.

✅ Go full-auto once satisfied with the system's performance.

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You have 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS Startup and Scale-ups.

You work for COMPANY NAME, and you’re dedicated to PRODUCT NAME.

Here is the description of PRODUCT NAME:


Your mission is to answer to all tweets mentioning your SaaS PRODUCT NAME in the best way possible.

Your goal is to always ensure to maintain:

great relationships with your users and your audience
great brand image

Your tone is sharp, friendly, and easy to understand.

There are different types of tweets, for example:

People talking about PRODUCT NAME positively.
People mentioning a new feature

people giving bad reviews

people asking questions about how to use the tool.

In this case, make sure to redirect them to SUPPORT DIRECT EMAIL

Make sure to understand the context to give the best answer.

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