How to write content that brings customers

Everyone is online.

But as a business owner, you’re in an attention war.

And between your business and super cute puppies - what’s gonna win?

That’s why if you’re growing a B2B business, LinkedIn is still the best place to focus on.

There are 65,000,000 decision-makers

And people on LinkedIn are actively looking for business-related content.

I reach about 4 million people every 90 days which transforms into millions of dollars in revenue for my business by consistently posting on LinkedIn for my target audience.

I’ve helped my team do exactly the same and grown their profiles so we could get even more reach.

In this article, I’m gonna share my step-by-step strategy that you can use to write content on LinkedIn that will bring you new customers and skyrocket your revenue.

A shortcut to building trust with your potential customers

Posting on LinkedIn is the easiest way to tell your prospects who you are and build trust (without spending a single dollar on ads)👇

Imagine if someone you don’t know tries to sell you a product or a service.

You will, most likely, put their message in the bin because you don’t know them.

But if it were Bill Gates himself reaching out to you and asking to check his new product, you would be interested.

Trust is built on three pillars: emotional connection, credibility, and reliability.

When I didn’t have any personal brand, my sales prospecting messages would receive not as many replies. And at the beginning, I was receiving this kind of message:

Now thanks to my personal brand, I receive this kind of reply:

I get a lot of sales prospecting messages every day.

Like this one, for example:

The first thing I do is check their LinkedIn profile to see who they are and whether their company is legit.

People will do the same when you reach out to them with your offer.

And between someone with an empty page and someone with an optimized profile and killer content, who are they gonna want to work with?

I have a video on how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract leads. Don’t skip it because if you have a strong LinkedIn page, you’re halfway there to establishing trust with your potential customers.

To achieve great results with your LinkedIn, you need three things 👇

3 key things to grow fast on LinkedIn

  1. Understanding your potential customers
  2. Understanding the anatomy of viral LinkedIn posts
  3. Having a consistent posting routine

Your main topic is the foundation of your content strategy. If your topic is not clear enough and relevant to your potential customers, then everything else will fall apart.

The point here is to really understand your customers: what pain points they have, what type of content they would like, etc.

I have a video on how to understand potential customers better, so go watch it if you haven’t.

The biggest misconception people have is that they need to be an expert to post content.

In reality, you don’t need to be an expert, but you must be interested in your niche enough to be willing to constantly learn about it, share your learnings in public, and help people.

If you offer copywriting services to B2B founders, copywriting will be your main theme, and you can write tips for founders on building their personal brand with good copy.

If you have a sales automation tool, then guess what? You can write about sales automation and post about the best practices in prospecting.

When you have your niche, your next step should be checking out top content creators.

Auguste Renoir once said, “The only way to understand painting is to go and look at it.”

This means that to be the best at something, you first need to learn and copy what’s working for other people and add your personal twist.

So I’m gonna show you how I find inspiration for my posts using Taplio.

You can try it for free.

First, I go to the “search mode” tab

Then I put on the keyword for my niche. In my case, it’s “entrepreneurship”

Set the filter for the like count “1000 likes” to make sure that only the most popular posts are shown to me.

And put the time frame within the last 3 months to see only the recent viral content

Apply the filter. You will get a ton of trending content to get inspiration from.

Once I’ve identified a few posts that I like, I’m gonna look up the LinkedIn pages of these creators and with Taplio’s extension see their top-performing posts.

This allows me to dig even deeper and better understand what my potential audience would expect to read from me.

When you’re doing the same for your niche, you need to take notes on these posts and then ask yourself how you can improve them so they bring even MORE value.

What’s your opinion on them? Do you disagree with anything? Or maybe something stood out to you, and you want to expand more on it?

So in a few minutes, you will have a long list of relevant topics you can post about.

Now it’s time to get to writing 👇

Understanding the anatomy of viral LinkedIn posts

In the past 6 years during which I’ve been building my $150M company in public, I’ve analyzed tens of hundreds of viral LinkedIn posts.

All of them have the same structure:

  1. They start with a strong hook
  2. The body of the post that has a relatable personal story or social proof
  3. Conclusion/CTA

The hook 🪝

The hook is as important as the main message because it’s the very first sentence that determines whether or not people will stop scrolling and read your post.

To write killer hooks, I use Taplio’s hook generator.

Briefly explain what your post is gonna be about.

For example, I want a hook for the post about high valuation not being a sign of success but many founders believing otherwise.

Click “Generate hooks” and choose the one you like.

My favorite hack to use when I want to see how my post will look on my readers’ screen is checking on Taplio where the “see more” button will be.

Thanks to it, I can shorten my hook and work on making it catchier for maximum impact.

Now that you’ve caught people’s attention — you want to make your posts easy to scan, so people get value from them.

The body of the post 📝

Let’s take this LinkedIn post as an example.

The main topic is fundraising, how the founder I know ended up losing the majority of shares in his company and as a result of the sale, didn’t get any money.

  • As you can see, it shares a personal example
  • I use the pronoun “you”, talking directly to a reader
  • The sentences are sharp and concise

And all of these help the audience connect to the post and spark the discussion.

You should follow the same principle.

Whenever you introduce a statement, back it up with an example based on personal experience or social proof.

You can also ask Taplio to write an entire post for you.

Select “Post generator”.

Provide a summary of what you need your post to be about.

Taplio can even suggest a topic for you!

After you put the description of your post, click “Generate”.

From here you can edit the post to make it look and sound like the viral content you’ve seen from your niche leaders.

When you’re done editing and happy with the post, you can either post right away or schedule it for later.

The powerful CTAs 💎

The conclusion to your post should be sharp and punchy, just like your hook.

It can also end with a CTA.

There are three main types of CTAs on LinkedIn:

  • check out external content like a landing page or newsletter
  • follow you on LinkedIn
  • engage with your post by leaving a comment or a like.

To encourage people to check out external content, you can directly link to it at the end of a super valuable post.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn lowers the reach of posts that include direct links.

Why? LinkedIn, like all social media, makes money by selling ads.

To sell more ads, they need people to stay longer on their platform. So when you put an external link, you’re sending people away from LinkedIn, which reduces their revenue, and they don’t really like it.

However, even though your reach might decrease, this will increase your click-through rate or the number of people who will actually click on the link after seeing it.

When you put a link in your post, by default, LinkedIn tries to add a preview image of the link in your post. While in most cases you want to remove the preview, if your preview image is good, then it can work pretty well since it’ll make your post more catchy. I left it like this for my YouTube video.

The easiest way to get people to engage with your posts and reach more people is to offer something in return for engaging.

We know this strategy works because we’ve done it ourselves many times successfully.

Tal used it for his guides on video scripts that book 10+ meetings each week.

The more people comment, the more social proof you have for your content, the more users you reach, and the higher your credibility gets.

Consistent posting routine

The secret of continuous growth on LinkedIn is consistent posting.

Because even if you go viral once and don’t continue writing more killer posts, you will not build that reliability pillar that I mentioned in the triangle of trust.

If you promised people valuable posts, stick to making them.

I block 30 mins per day to write posts in batches and then schedule them in advance on Taplio.

If you’re just getting started, you must follow the rule of 100.

It says that if you spend 100 hours doing something you want to excel in, you will be ahead of 99% of the people in that skill.

I believe the same about writing: if you write 100 posts, you’ll build a habit of doing it, find your format, style, and voice, and start building your audience.

That’s all you need to know about rocking your LinkedIn content strategy and posting routine to start building your personal brand.

Make sure to check out this free Notion document so you can copy-paste all the necessary templates to reach your customers when asking for a testimonial. 👇

Chapter 13: How to write content that generates money?

And if you want more explanations and examples, you can watch this video I've made.  👇

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