How to Write a LinkedIn Profile Headline (with ChatGPT) That Makes Prospects Chase You

Your LinkedIn headline can help you attract leads or break deals.

How well you pick your headline also impacts the number of connection requests, networking calls, or other growth opportunities.

But crafting the right headline can be a challenge, especially if you're not sure how to position yourself or what structure to use.

A quick way to write a compelling LinkedIn headline is to use ChatGPT.  90% of most people ask ChatGPT to simply generate “headlines” for them, so the results might be too generic.

The key to standing out on LinkedIn is to personalize your headline using ChatGPT.

Here are 2 easy steps to creating headlines that’ll have prospects excited to connect with you in less than 5 minutes.

How to NOT do it vs. How to do it

If you want to create a good impression on LinkedIn, avoid making your headline look like this.

This headline is bad because:

❌ it has too many roles listed (which can be confusing)

❌ it has no specific unique value proposition (UVP) that makes the person stands out

❌ it’s vague and sales-y (”unimaginable profits”)

Whereas Kevin’s headline is catchy, stands out, and gives a clear overview of who he is and what he does.

To replicate it, here’s what you need to follow:

✔️ Add your creative nickname to spark people’s curiosity to check your profile (of course, if you have one)

✔️ Tell your audience what you can do for them and why they should follow you

✔️ Add your role and company to build social proof and credibility

Your headline can be a lead magnet

A good headline sparks curiosity and leads to profile views - which helps drive more leads!

Whenever you’re commenting on a post, your comment becomes an ad for your profile - your headline is the copy of your ad.

Here’s how to come up with headlines that make prospects connect

Step #1: Identify compelling headlines

Before you start working on your headline, do your research and see what it works.

Find LinkedIn creators with audiences from 15k to 100k and break down their headlines.

If they managed to build such a solid community, this could be an indication that their online profiles are effective and engaging, attracting views and followers.

To save you time, we have analyzed hundreds of headlines from top creators to understand what makes them stand out and why.

Let’s dive into 5 catchy LinkedIn headlines and see why they work and how you can create yours.

1. Chase Dimond

This headline is effective because it showcases expertise in a niche and mentions quantifiable results.

Here are the steps you can take to replicate this:

✔️ Position yourself as a top player in your field

✔️ Highlight your achievements

✔️ Link your work to tangible outcomes

✔️ Focus on a specific area of expertise

✔️ Use numbers to boost credibility

2. Matt Barker

This headline stands out because it delivers a concise message and prioritizes client goals.

Follow these steps to create a similar one:

✔️ Craft a clear, direct message

✔️ Emphasize client-oriented objectives (e.g., getting leads)

✔️ Set yourself apart by keeping it short and impactful

3. Kévin Moënne-Loccoz

This headline grabs attention with a catchy nickname, highlights accomplishments, and generates engagement.

Follow these steps to craft a similar one:

✔️ Come up with a unique nickname

✔️ Offer value to encourage following (e.g., unlock business growth)

✔️ Showcase notable success (e.g., bootstrapped growth)

4. Charlotte Schefe

This headline shines because it highlights a purpose, offers value, and focuses on relationship-building.

Follow these steps to craft a similar one:

✔️ Share your purpose-driven goal (e.g., bring people together)

✔️ Mention your current role and company

✔️ Provide value to followers (e.g., daily insights)

✔️ Keep the focus on a specific objective (e.g., better relationships)

5. Roxana Irimia

This headline stands out because it highlights the role, expertise, and offers value with a clear CTA.

Create your own effective headline with these steps:

✔️ State your role and company

✔️ List your areas of expertise

✔️ Offer value to followers

✔️ Use a direct CTA

Want to know what headline elements will push prospects to connect with you? Check out the examples on this notion page. 💻

Provide ChatGPT with inspiration to unlock its creativity

To generate a headline that stands out, it’s important to explain to ChatGPT what makes a successful headline. This includes providing examples of good headlines you like.

These instructions help ChatGPT understand what you’re looking for.

By defining what ‘good’ looks like in your prompt, you’ll receive better and more personalized results.

Step #2: Tailor your headline to your unique selling points

Before jumping on asking ChatGPT to generate your headline, consider your key selling points and ask yourself:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. How do you help them achieve their goals or solve their problems?
  3. What are your notable accomplishments?
  4. What benefits do followers gain from you?

You’ll include the answers to these questions in your prompt for ChatGPT to generate unique headlines personalized for you!

How do you create the perfect “headline prompt” for ChatGPT?

  1. Define the role
  2. Provide context on the goal
  3. Give a task
  4. Describe the format you’re expecting as an output
  5. Leverage frameworks & define the tone

Prompt to copy:


Based on the prompt, here’s the output I got:


It’s a good start! There are a few good outputs here and there.

Now it’s time to follow up!

When you spot a good headline, ask ChatGPT to come up with different variations of it!

Pro tip: use the keyword variations rather than similar or alternatives —> ChatGPT can get loose and generate different results. ‘Variations’ is the best keyword to keep it on track.


After a couple of tries, we finally got some great results!


Numbers 3, 5, 10, and 15 are good!

I tweaked them a bit and asked my team which headline they liked the most…

So, we went with number 2 🔥

Key Takeaways

With the right prompt on ChatGPT, you can generate a personalized headline that drives views to your profile!

Follow these 4 tips to make sure your headline is always impactful:

✅ Show your UVP and how you can help others

✅ Your LinkedIn headline can attract new leads and growth opportunities

✅ Use a concise format, and iterate on variations for the best results

✅ Analyze top content creators’ headlines and use the insights to provide inspiration to ChatGPT

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Peace, Love & AI ✌️

You are a LinkedIn expert who helps people create the most engaging and effective headlines for their profiles. The individuals want to be part of the top 1% of people who stand out on LinkedIn and attract the right connections, opportunities, and followers.
The individuals are professionals from various fields, such as founders, marketers, growth marketers, and salespeople, who are eager to showcase their expertise and value proposition. Your goal is to provide headlines that resonate with their target audience.

Please come up with 20 potential LinkedIn headlines.

Consider coming up with headlines that use the following template: Strong hook in the form of a question with an emoji at the end | Follow to [achieve a desirable outcome] | A USP | Current Role @ workplace | Remarkable Achievement

To create the headlines, consider the following information:
- [Information about your role or expertise ]
- [ Your target audience ]
- [ How you help your audience achieve their goals or solve problems ]
- [ Notable accomplishments ]
- [ Benefits followers gain from following you ]

Using the information above combine the different elements to create unique and engaging headlines. Ensure the headlines appeal to my target audience and showcase my value proposition effectively.

The tone of the headlines should be:

- Actionable
- Concise
- Approachable
- Compelling

The following are some LinkedIn profile headlines that I like. Consider using them for your inspiration:

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2. [Insert LinkedIn profile headline]

3. [Insert LinkedIn profile headline]

4. [Insert LinkedIn profile headline]

5. [Insert LinkedIn profile headline]


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