Beat the competition - Use ChatGPT to discover their secrets

Have you ever felt stuck playing catch-up with your competitors?

Or worse, feeling like you are just another face in the crowd…

Now, imagine being the face that stands out.

In this article, you’ll learn how chatGPT can help you create a unique edge over the competition by spying automatically on them!

Step #1: Download the WebPilot plugin

We need to access the internet with ChatGPT, and for that we will use the WebPilot plugin (it’s more accurate than Bing or web search 😉)

Make sure to install it 👇

Step #2: Activate the plugin on ChatGPT-4

Once you have downloaded it, you have to activate it with GPT-4 👇

Step #3: The perfect prompt

Even though we will be using a plugin, to get the best ChatGPT results, we need to begin with a detailed prompt.

You can steal this prompt, where you simply need to insert the name or URL of the company you want to spy on and let chatGPT works its magic 👇


Let’s test it out with lemlist:

Take a look at the results:

Step #4: Follow-up prompt

Now, comes the fun part: The follow-up prompt!

Remember, the leading companies don't outshine their rivals by being better, they stand out by being unique.

So, once you've gathered your results in a table, it's crucial to create a follow-up prompt. This will help you build on the initial responses you've received from ChatGPT.

Here's one follow-up prompt that you can copy👇


Take a look at this example:

And here’s chatGPT answer:

What's truly amazing is how ChatGPT managed to pinpoint two key strategies we'll be implementing at lemlist 👉 AI & Flexible pricing models!!

Bonus step:

You can push the boundaries even more!

Ask for more examples and variations or ask to be more creative.

Key Takeaways

Unlock the power of AI with ChatGPT-4 to know your competition and stand out in your industry.

✅ First, get the WebPilot plugin to let ChatGPT surf the internet.

✅ Next, turn on the plugin with ChatGPT-4 for the real magic to begin.

✅ Ask ChatGPT about the company you're curious about with a simple prompt.

✅ Dare to ask for more. Push ChatGPT's boundaries, and you'll see it can give you amazing ideas.

Remember 👀 - The best companies are different, not better. Use these steps to find out what makes your competition unique and then, go beyond. Be different in your own outstanding way.

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Peace, Love & AI ✌️

Visit {YOUR-COMPANY} website.  

Find the activity with as much precision as possible.

Then search the web for 10 companies doing the same activity.

Make sure to return a table only with the following categories:

- The URL

- The Name of the company

- The Unique Selling Proposition

Your answer should be a table only.


You will now act as a branding and differentiation expert.

Based on the information you've shared in the table about competitors, give specific examples of how {YOUR-COMPANY} could be positioned differently so it can stand out from the competition.

Your tone should be:

- sharp

- actionable

- specific