9 advice you should read when starting a business

Everything I’ve learned building and growing lempire has been the result of a lot of trials and errors.

But without them, generating $57M in total revenue, having an awesome team of 90+ people, and customers from 100+ countries would not be possible.

To keep pushing, even when it gets difficult, I’ve developed these 9 principles that I live and run my business by.

I want to share them with you today because I know that sometimes, as a founder, you get so caught up in the daily hustle that you lose sight of the bigger picture.

And you need someone who can remind you that 👇

1. Growth is a S-curve. If you don’t plan for it - you’ll plateau

Getting initial traction is extremely hard. But I thought that once we had reached product market fit, it would be a walk in the park… In reality, it’s not.

You always need to find new ways to find customers. Otherwise, you’ll plateau.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

I’ve met people who skyrocketed to $1M in ARR in 2 months and then plateaued for years… While others struggled for 7 years to reach their first $1M in ARR and then skyrocketed to $10M in less than 2 years.

Each journey is different.

3. Love the game

Don’t hate competitors and never talk shit about them. Business is not a “war”.

You win a lot more when you enjoy the ride and meet cool people along the way.

Business is a game, and it should be fun. If it’s not, change the rules.

4. Everything compounds

Little actions can compound BIG times over time.

That works with sales and marketing but also with toxic behaviours. So make sure to watch for both as they can either kill your company or make it skyrocket 🚀

5. What took you here won’t take you there…

Doing more of the same thing is great, BUT only for a certain time.

If you don’t try and experiment ruthlessly, you’ll get stuck.

Innovation is the key to continuous fast growth.

6. Don’t compete, be unique

Peter Thiel said, “Competition is for losers”. And the best way to have 0 competition is to be unique.

To be unique, be yourself, be passionate about the problem you solve, and help as many people as you can.

7. Document everything from day 1

Everyone believes that Marco Polo discovered the Silk Road. He didn’t. BUT, he was the first to document it.

The more you document your journey, the more people will connect with you and trust you.

8. If it doesn’t kill you, don’t overreact

I used to see every single problem or bump on the road as the end of the world.

In the end, if you switch your mindset to a solution-centric approach, you’ll see that there isn’t any problem in the world that can’t be solved.

9. Education is the best marketing

I’ve realized that building a SaaS to solve a problem is not enough. Education is far more important and can be a huge driver for growth (acquisition + retention). If you show people how to solve their problem and it works - then paying for your product or service will be a no-brainer.

Ignore the noise and keep the focus on getting shit done 💪

Every week I’ll publish new articles on how to build and grow a B2B business that generates millions of dollars.

Without any BS and giving you practical templates that you can steal.

See you next week ✌️

Peace, love & profit! 💰